Our Work

One of the key attractions for our pupils is the range of work which we can offer, as well as the fact that Chambers ensures that all pupils get real advocacy experience at an early stage. Junior tenants at 4 Pump Court can expect to gain the valuable experience of working closely with more senior members of Chambers as juniors on the largest commercial disputes as they would at the other leading commercial sets. They can also, however, expect to have a real practice of their own, consistently appearing in Court and dealing with solicitors and clients from the very beginning of their second six. We believe that this combination ensures that we develop some of the most confident and skilled advocates at the commercial bar.

We recognise that when you arrive at 4 Pump Court as a pupil you may not have fixed ideas about the areas of law which most interest you. Accordingly we aim to give you an opportunity to experience as many of Chambers key practice areas as possible. These are:

Commercial/Insurance - there is a wide range of commercial work, but with an emphasis on insurance and reinsurance disputes. Other areas include commercial fraud, the sale and carriage of goods, commodities, media and entertainment law.

Construction - we are one of the leading sets of Chambers specialising in building and construction law, and we regularly appear in the Technology and Construction Court as well as arbitrations, adjudications and mediations.

Professional Negligence - we have a wealth of experience acting for and against all kinds of professionals, including solicitors and barristers, architects, engineers, surveyors and valuers, accountants, auditors and actuaries, brokers, consultants, agents and IT professionals, bankers, financial intermediaries and advisers.

Information Technology & Telecommunications - Chambers has in recent years established itself as the leading set for IT disputes. Members of Chambers are frequently instructed on behalf of both clients and contractors when the biggest IT projects become the subject of legal proceedings.

Shipping: Another real growth area for Chambers has been litigation and arbitration concerning shipping disputes- particularly those arising from ship building.