Insurance & Reinsurance

Whether providing coverage advice for in-house counsel at a leading UK insurer or representing parties in an international arbitration, 4 Pump Court’s barristers have substantial experience and expertise in all types of insurance & reinsurance disputes. As such, 4 Pump Court is regularly ranked as one of the leading sets in this area and is well placed to deal with any future insurance or reinsurance matter.

Expertise: 4 Pump Court has substantial experience across the entire range of insurance & reinsurance disputes, both marine and non-marine, as well as related claims against and on behalf of brokers and other insurance professionals. Our barristers regularly appear in such disputes in domestic and international arbitrations, and in all tiers of the English and Welsh courts. Individual members also have significant experience in foreign jurisdictions.

Members of Chambers have been involved in all major insurance & reinsurance issues and cases which have affected the London and international markets within the last 30 years, including the Lloyd’s litigation, the PA LMX spiral, Film Finance and US catastrophes including 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Type of work: We regularly advise on all types of policies across the entire insurance spectrum (including amongst others product liability, professional liability, construction and energy risks, property and business interruption, PA and health, credit and political risk, cyber media and tech, transport and aviation). Our practice includes advising and acting in relation to coverage disputes, but also extends to subrogated claims and claims by and against other insurance professionals, including brokers. We have substantial experience across a wide range of insurance law issues, including non-disclosure and misrepresentation, breach of warranty, fraudulent claims (and fraudulent devices) and subrogation.

Insurance law reforms: 4 Pump Court is also uniquely placed to act in future insurance & reinsurance disputes arising from reforms in the Insurance Act 2015 (which has effect from August 2016), the Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Act 2010, the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012 and the Enterprise Act 2016 (which changes the law on damages for late payment of insurance claims). Our barristers are well versed in all of these reforms, and several members of chambers have previously worked at the English Law Commission, which was responsible for many of the original reform proposals.

4 Pump Court’s insurance & reinsurance expertise is complemented by the range and depth of our other main practice areas, including construction, professional negligence, shipping, information technology, financial services and energy.